Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh yes believe it or not I’m still alive my computer is not. After several crashes and a couple of !"#!%&/€%/((/)=# later it just died. At the moment I’m back in Sweden, was working with Iain in Stockholm on a shoot for stadium. After that I went back home to Malmoe. Had a couple of retouch deadlines and after that I shoot two cd covers. So you could say that I’ve been pretty busy. My plane back to London got cancelled on Tuesday so are going back on Thursday instead.
Enough said, finally I will post some images from one of my shoots. This was done a couple of months ago but it just haven’t been enough time for me to publish them here.

Photo: Linus Morles
model: Vasilisa Forbes
Styling: Marie-Claude Lamb
make up: Clare Elizabeth Bryant


  1. Ser bra ut, Linus!

    Fan va intressant att du hamnade hos Iain C alltså.
    Hur går det där?
    Är det mycket slit?

    ha d!